Scots art is only part of the mix

It isn't all Scottish art, though! Here's a list of some of the festival's international offerings: A selection from the collection of Saatchi, the British advertising agency that numbers Margaret Thatcher among its clients. This is London's largest private collection of recent art. The Stellas and a remarkable room filled with a motionless, highly reflective lake sump-oil stand out. (Royal Scottish Academy to Sept. 5.)

The first British exhibition of David Salle, a young American of recent renown, ``painter of modern life.'' Disturbing composite images. The show includes recent drawings and acquatints for sets and costumes Salle has designed for dance and theater productions. (Fruitmarket to Sept. 19).

Recent Soviet paintings: attractive rather than startling works, some of Moscow. They must be a sign of glasnost - both in their lack of political comment and their presence in the West. Anna Maksovna Birshstein's expressive if cool-toned ``Self-portrait'' is effective. (``369 Gallery'' to Aug. 29).

An irresistible selection of French Old Master drawings drom Stockholm's National Museum. The 18th-century batch - Boucher and Watteau and Lancret - is scintillating. But don't miss Victor Hugo's improvised ``Puff of Wind.'' (National Gallery to Oct. 11).

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