MADONNA ``Who's That Girl'' (Sire 25611-1) - This sound-track album from Madonna's current movie of the same name is an uneven mix of four of her own new songs, as well as tunes by Club Nouveau, Michael Davidson, and others. The best are Madonna's songs, especially ``Causing a Commotion,'' and the bright, bouncy, funky tune by the British band Scritti Politti, ``Best Thing Ever.'' Her co-star, Duncan Faure, who sounds a lot like Paul McCartney, sings ``24 Hours.'' JOAN BAEZ ``Recently'' (Gold Castle Records 171 004-1) - Baez's latest release (her 50th) relives, in part, her experiences with Martin Luther King Jr. in a rousing, moving gospel medley accompanied by a 70-voice choir. Baez's voice, once a pure, high soprano, has become warm and mellow without losing its range. Other selections include songs written by Dire Straits, Peter Gabriel, U2, and two pieces by Baez herself.

ALISON MOYET ``Raindancing'' (Columbia BFC 40653) - Moyet's husky, low alto voice is the ear-catcher on this album - her second solo effort since splitting from the group Yaz. She co-wrote most of the songs, and that's where the problem lies. Most are about agonized love, and the melodies and harmonies are too ordinary to be of much interest. With better material, she could go far.

FORCE M.D.'s ``Touch and Go'' (Tommy Boy TBLP-25631) - Soul groups are a dime a dozen these days, but Force M.D.'s stand out from the crowd. ``M.D.'' stands for musical diversity, and that's what these four guys are about. From rap to ballads, to disco/funk, they do it all, without sounding like a hodgepodge. This is their third LP, and their youthful, sweet sound continues to charm.

THE FORESTER SISTERS ``You Again'' (Warner Bros. 25571-1) - Three resounding cheers for these four women and their cogent blend of country and pop. They've got their feet firmly planted in country tradition, but their sound is contemporary and upbeat. That, along with the pleasing blend of their voices, excellent material, and fine backup, makes this second album a winner.

THE CHIEFTAINS ``Celtic Wedding'' (RCA 6358-1-RC) - The world's most popular Irish band plays music of Brittany, complete with dance tunes, marches, drinking songs, and music from the centuries-old Celtic wedding ceremony. Some of the music is indistinguishable from Irish music, but some is quite distinctive, especially the wordless vocals that make for a kind of Celtic ``scat'' singing.

STAN CAMPBELL ``Stan Campbell'' (Elektra 9 60734-1) - Guitarist-singer Campbell's voice resembles Michael McDonald's, but the overall sound here is smooth and mellow, with African-tinged rhythms. He's strongest on the heavily African-influenced numbers, like ``Dancing Troupe.'' The inclusion of Billie Holiday's ``Strange Fruit'' is a nice surprise.

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