THE TOWN OF GHENT, BELGIUM, has proclaimed comics ``the ninth art,'' as it plays host this summer to the first major exhibition of comic strip illustrators. In all, the work of 47 European comic strip creators was selected for the occasion. MEMBERS OF ABBA, once the most popular singing group in the world, are separately looking for the success they once enjoyed as a quartet. ABBA's albums outsold the most popular groups of the decade. They stopped singing together in 1981, but have released several reissues since then. THE THREE MAJOR US TELEVISION NETWORKS are throwing 22 new series at viewers this fall, but Saatchi & Saatchi DFS Compton of New York predicts only three will be hits: two NBC comedies, ``My Two Dads'' and ``A Different World,'' and ABC's ``Hooperman.'' Comedy will continue as the dominant programming form.-30-{et

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