`OUR WORLD' MAY MOVE IN SOME FORM TO PBS. The ABC News program, featuring Linda Ellerbee and Ray Gandolf, has been canceled and is now in repeats. A move to PBS is possible, but there are still several obstacles to overcome. First, Ms. Ellerbee's contract with ABC is still in force and ABC has not yet released her. Then there must be an agreement between station WNET's president, William F. Baker, and Ellerbee for her company, Lucky Duck Productions, to produce the show, a compilation of news clips and commentary under another title, or under the same title if ABC agrees. And finally, according to a WNET spokesman, about $5 million must be raised to underwrite the new series. NINETEEN DANCERS, chosen from the more than 300 theater companies nationwide which have presented ``A Chorus Line'' in the past two years, will join the current ensemble of the Broadway production for the show's finale on Aug. 10. The fortunate 19, one for each member of the cast, were selected at random by producer Joseph Papp in a ``Chance to Dance'' contest, which attracted over 725 entries. The Michael Bennett musical, which opened at the Shubert on July 25, 1975, became the longest-running show in Broadway history on Sept. 29, 1983, and gives its 5,000th performance on Aug. 8. Next Monday's celebration will continue after the performance with a party at the Palladium. `THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS' was last weekend's top movie, with $11 million in box office sales, marking the biggest James Bond debut ever. (``A View to a Kill'' took in $10.7 million during the Memorial Day weekend in 1985.) The strong showing came during the 25th anniversary of the Bond series, marked by a younger, more serious character, played by Timothy Dalton. Coming in second was ``The Lost Boys,'' a film about teen-age vampires, that drew $5.2 million. Third was ``La Bamba,'' a film about Hispanic rock star Ritchie Valens, which also took in $5.2 million in its second weekend in theaters. `PORTRAIT OF THE SOVIET UNION,' a seven-hour documentary planned by Turner Broadcasting System (TBS), is scheduled to be aired next year. Actor Roy Scheider has been chosen to narrate the series. The executive producer is Ira Miskin, who also was in charge of the TBS documentary series ``Portrait of America.''

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