A sample of sharp play from US Junior event

Patrick Wolff, 19, an international master from Belmont, Mass., took the 1987 US Junior Invitational Championship with eight points in nine games. It was his second victory in the event. He had won three years ago. This time it was no surprise that Wolff, the highest-rated player, took first place in the all-master tournament played at the Manhattan Chess Club, New York. He was thus entitled to represent the United States in the 1987 World Junior Championship being held in Manila. And it gives him an automatic seed into the '88 US Championship.

Second, with seven points, was Alex Fishbein, 19, of Denver; third, Benjamin Finegold of Columbus, Ohio. Today's game has Danny Edelman, who was fourth but enlivened the event with sharp and witty play, defeating Vivek Rao, 16, of Monroeville, Pa. There were solace and irony in this, since Edelman lost a crucial last-round game to Rao earlier this year, allowing Rao to win the National High School Championship. Sicilian Defense Edelman Rao 1. P-K4 P-QB4 2. N-KB3 P-Q3 3. P-Q4 PxP 4. NxP N-KB3 5. N-QB3 N-B3 6. B-K3 (a) N-KN5 (b) 7. B-QN5 NxB 8. PxN (c) B-Q2 9. O-O P-K3 10. BxN (d) PxB 11. P-K5 B-K2 (e) 12. Q-R5 O-O 13. PxP BxP 14. N-K4 B-K2 15. QR-Q1 Q-N3 16. R-B3 B-K1 17. R-R3 P-KR3 18. R-N3 K-R2 19. R-KB1 P-QB4? (f) 20. R-B6!! (g) BxR 21. NxB ch K-R1 (h) 22. Q-N4 P-N3 23. Q-B4 K-N2 24. Q-K5 (i) R-KN1 25. N-Q7 ch K-R2 26. NxQ PxN 27. N-B3 RxP 28. N-N5 ch PxN 29. R-R3 mate

A.This double-edged move is the introduction to a positional gambit. With youthful impetuosity White voluntarily submits to the exchange of his fine bishop and to a fracturing of his pawn skeleton for quick development and a sustained initiative.

B.Black accepts the challenge. For those less sanguine, 6.... P-K4 is an acceptable alternative.

C.A survey of the situation shows White to have truly ugly pawns, which must result in a losing endgame. But before the endgame, as the old saying goes, the gods have placed the middlegame.

D.White must strike quickly before Black can consolidate. This exchange is a necessary precursor for his 11th move.

E.Preferable to 11.... PxP; 12.Q-R5, Q-K2; 13.QxKP, which favors White.

F.Until now Black has defended perfectly. With 19.... Q-Q1! he would have excellent chances to repel the attack when he could easily emerge with the superior position.

G.Surprising, elegant, and indeed decisive. The sacrifice must be accepted, as otherwise White threatens 21.RxNP ch, KxR; 22.QxRP ch, K-N1; 23.Q-N5 ch and 24.R-R6 mate.

H.White forces mate after 21.... PxN; 22.Q-N4.

I.This is the position White envisioned when he sacrificed on Move 20. The forced discovered check brooks no resistance. A formidable demonstration of sustained attacking play by young Edelman.

International Grandmaster Arthur Bisguier is a former US champion and has won or shared the US Open title five times.

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