AN AMENDMENT TO BAN SMOKING ON SHORT FLIGHTS (two hours or less) was passed by the House last week. The amendment to an overall transportation appropriation bill for 1988 now goes to the Senate, where senators from tobacco states are expected to mobilize against it. A SERIES OF INCIDENTS ON DELTA AIR LINES FLIGHTS has sparked an across-the-board review of Delta's pilot training programs by the Federal Aviation Administration. Four instances of apparent pilot mistakes aboard Delta flights occurred during a two-week period. Although two incidents came close to causing aviation disasters, these are exceptions to Delta's generally safe record. SUPER FIRST CLASS WILL BE INTRODUCED ON FRENCH TRAINS by the end of 1988. The special service will be available on a selected number of TGV and conventional trains. New luxury seating and food service options adapted from the experimental ``Nouvelle Prem`ere'' first class, which ended May 30, will be adopted for the new Super First Class and for future TGV Atlantique trains. FIJI IS WELCOMING TOURISTS despite the disruptive coup in May. The US State Department indicated in June that there was no reason to avoid travel to the area. The operating government, headed by Governor-General Sir Penaia Ganilau, initiated a plan to resolve the crisis. Meanwhile, hotels have few guests and are seeking tourists.

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