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Q We have yellow jackets in a hollow spot in our lawn. Is there any way I can persuade them to leave? S.B.

Kettering, Ohio

A good way is to drop several mothballs at the entrance to the hole, after dark. Use a flashlight with a red or blue translucent paper over the light so they will not be disturbed. But take care not to walk on the nest. They will even come out in the dark if this happens.

We welcome tips from readers who have successfully persuaded yellow jackets to leave the premises.

Q Do you by any chance have a leaflet on your all purpose pesticide formulas?


Spring Valley, N.Y.

We would welcome tips from home gardeners concerning homemade remedies for pests. We are revising our leaflet on homemade pesticides and would like to include them. One of the formulas which seems to be working extremely well for gardeners is this: To three quarts of water add one quart of rubbing alcohol; one tablespoon of liquid well-known brand dishwashing detergent (not for automatic dishwashers). An optional addition is one tablespoon garlic juice, and/or one tablespoon hot pepper sauce. Be careful about breathing hot pepper spray. Some folks tell us they mix the gallon of liquid at the rate of two quarts water and two quarts rubbing alcohol. Try on a few leaves first. We would like to know what success our readers have with these formulas.

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