The `true answer' to Korean farmers' problems

Mexican women and abortion Despite the Monitor's vaunted objectivity, Nadine Epstein's article ``Mexican women flock to US for legal and safer abortions'' [May 4-10], was not an objective news story, but a plea for abortion parading as news. The Mexican women seeking to procure abortions were cast as victims, the pro-lifers as villains; abortion was implicitly assumed to be a right.

But far more serious than the journalistic flaw was the writer's position. Apparently it never occurred to her to consider that the unborn are the primary victims; that abortion-seeking women might be victims not insofar as they have difficulty obtaining abortions, but insofar as they are so misled as to seek them; that no one has a right to commit a wrong.

Abortion is one of the greatest scandals of 20th-century America. Far from being portrayed as villains, pro-lifers should be lauded as courageous defenders of humanity. Marie M. Hansen Decatur, Georgia, USA

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