Kenya's President Moi heads to US and Britain

Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi will meet President Reagan and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher during an eight-day trip to the United States and Britain. President Moi, accompanied by senior government officials, is due to leave Kenya today for the United States, according to the official news agency here.

In the United States, Moi will also hold talks with United Nations Secretary-General Javier P'erez de Cu'ellar and with Kenyan students studying in the US.

Later, he will fly to London, where he is to talk with Prime Minister Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth II.

Kenya, a British colony until 1963, maintains close ties with both Britain and the US. The US provides military assistance to Kenya, and American warships operating in the Indian Ocean frequently use the port of Mombasa. The US also paid to have the entrance channel at Mombasa deepened to allow American aircraft carriers to enter the port.

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