Tower group's recommendations

1.National Security Act of 1947: No substantive change should be made in the structure and operation of the National Security Council system. 2.Senate confirmation of the national-security adviser: Congress is urged not to require Senate confirmation.

3.Interagency process: The national-security adviser should chair the senior-level committees of the NSC system.

4.Covert action: Each administration should formulate procedures for restricted consideration of covert action; these should be strictly adhered to.

5.Role of the CIA: The importance of maintaining the integrity and objectivity of the intelligence process is emphasized.

6.Legal Counsel: The legal adviser to the NSC should be enhanced in stature and role.

7.Secrecy and Congress: Congress should consider replacing the existing Intelligence Committees of the respective houses with a new joint committee with a restricted staff to oversee the intelligence community, patterned after the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy that existed until the mid-1970s.

8.Privatizing national-security policy: Implementation and policy oversight should not be dominated by intermediaries. Private individuals may assist in diplomatic initiatives or in covert activities, although in very limited ways and under close observation and supervision.

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