High-tech war toys storm TV and theater. TV-interactive toys

Mattel's ``Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future.'' Children make spaceships shoot light beams at characters on the TV. The TV characters, in turn, appear to shoot back at the spaceships during a five-minute segment of the show. Price is $30-$40. Axlon's ``TechForce.'' These toy robots are designed to be placed on the floor in front of a TV set, where they move around in imitation of cartoon characters on the screen. Their motion is controlled by computer chips responding to inaudible tones in the program. Price: $250.

``Video Box,'' from Lewis Galoob Toys. A talking doll, an update of the company's previous model, will appear to have conversations with the child playing with it and with characters on the TV screen when the toy is hooked up to a video cassette recorder. Videos will be $50-$55, the Baby Talk doll, $65-$75.

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