Panel's recommendations on South Africa

Among the recommendations of the Secretary of State's Advisory Committee on South Africa were the following: The South African government should end the present state of emergency and release government opponents now being held under the government's emergency powers.

South African authorities should release Nelson Mandela, the head of the African National Congress and one of the leading political figures in the country. The ANC and other outlawed groups should be legalized.

Citizenship should be restored to all South Africans, including those deemed citizens of black ``independent homelands'' - areas nominally declared independent from South Africa but unrecognized by the rest of the world.

Race classification laws, which partition the country and grant privileges on the basis of ethnic background or skin color, should be repealed.

The US should press Pretoria to begin an urgent dialogue with representatives of the country's black majority. But the US should refrain from identifying any single group as the representative of black South Africans.

Whites should be provided with ``reasonable assurances that they will not be unjustly victimized'' in a post-apartheid South Africa.

The US should assist in preparing for the transition to majority rule. It should develop programs to train young black teachers in South Africa, in an effort to improve black educational opportunities. Some South African teachers, both black and white, should be invited to study in the US.

US firms in South Africa should support integrated housing and training and observe fair labor practices.

In order to step up pressure for change on South Africa, US allies should be pressed to join in sanctions already adopted by the US.

The US should broaden its contacts with black South African organizations, especially black trade unions and political opposition movements.

The US should provide aid for neighboring African states that are feeling the impact of sanctions or being destabilized by South Africa.

The US, along with its Western allies, should press for the independence of Namibia, which Pretoria now controls in defiance of international law.

US private organizations should also be involved in development projects that will benefit blacks, provide better housing, and raise living standards in South Africa.

Religion can be instrumental in dismantling apartheid. ``US churches [should] be challenged, as denominations and as individual congregations, to reach out to their sister churches and church members in South Africa with tangible offers of assistance.''

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