From young thankers

THANK you! So many writers in elementary and junior high school entered The Home Forum Competition, we had to take an extra day to show them off. The idea was to pretend to be anyone in history writing a thank-you note for anything you could think of. Sorry we couldn't publish all 90 entries, from Poseidon through Rambo. Notes over 100 words or ones that came too late couldn't be considered. My Dear Dopey, It seems so long that we've parted from each other in the forest three years back. For you to think of me while vacationing in Miami simply made my day. Thank you for the citrus oranges. When I first got them I had to have them checked in the laboratory because you know what that old witch did with an apple. Living in Chicago, we don't get citrus and the Prince and I just love them. It's nice to wake up to fresh-squeezed orange juice! Well, love to the gang.

Truly yours,

Snow White Mike Katz, 5th grade, Ho-Ho-Kus, N.J. Mr. Hancock,

I wish to express my feelings toward the strange present which I received from you yesterday. The wood stain for my teeth was very unnecessary and embarrassing for me. Also it was very rude on your part. But since you are my friend, I will use it with gratitude and think of you each time.

Your friend,

George Washington Dyana Smith, junior high, Fallbrook, Calif. Dear Suez the Sumarian,

How you doing? Great! That's good. I am writing this letter to you to thank you for that Coppertone Sunscreen you sent me yesterday. I was talking to the local astrologer about the weather and he expects a long period of dryness - oh, about forty days' worth. So expect me to be riding into your town on my surfboard with a bronze tan pretty soon. But there's only one problem - these animals are always following me around in pairs of two! Oh well, catch ya later!


Noah P.S. The other day I was inspired to build a big ark but with this weather it'll be an act of God to let it rain, hah! Even forty days and nights!! Huh, I just felt a raindrop fall on my head.... Ryan Draude, junior high, Fallbrook, Calif. To Peter Piper,

Thank you, Peter Piper, for the great tasting Peck of Pickled Peppers, they were great. And by the way, Peter Piper, where did you pick your peck of pickled peppers? Did you pick your peck of pickled peppers at Pathmark, or did you pick your peck of pickled peppers at the pick-your-peck-of-pickled-peppers stand? If you didn't pick your peppers at either of those two places, then where did you pick them? Please tell me.

Your friend,

Humpty Dumpty By the way, don't send me the sour pickles; they make pieces of my shell fall off. Kris Riskin, 5th grade, Ho-Ho-Kus, N.J. Dear Shannon,

Thank you for the ice skates. I never had my own skates before. Now I can go ice skating with my boyfriend, Mickey Mouse. Oh, thanks again for the ice skates. Bye.


Minnie Mouse P.S. I love you. Shannon Vermiglio, 2nd grade, Warren, Mich.

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