Terrorism and the ANC

The column ``Shultz: time to `deal in' the ANC?'' [Jan. 16] neglects evidence of African National Congress (ANC) terrorism and South African Communist Party control. A third to a half of the top ANC leaders, including all the white ones, are in that party. The most extensive evidence about the ANC was given in 1982 before Sen. Jeremiah Denton's Subcommittee on Security and Terrorism by nine witnesses, some of them former members of the ANC - evidence also ignored by the press in the United States but not in Europe. These witnesses told of training in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union as well as in Angola, Tanzania, and Zambia - training in sabotage, agitation, manipulation of the media, and terrorism. Leo Raditsa St. John's College

Annapolis, Md.

Words vs. images A picture may be worth a thousand words, but rarely is it as precise as words [``Learning from electronic imagery,'' Jan. 9]. Images can be deceptive, manipulative, and meaningless.

We need words to make sense of what we see.

The spoken word has the advantages of character and modulation of the voice to help capture the interest of the listener. People understand and assimilate complex ideas at different rates. The printed word accommodates them all.

There is a place for modern technology in education. But education is about using knowledge - not about tools. Schools do not need to jump on the bandwagon with the ``powerful and sophisticated imagery'' of video. Jeffrey Donlan Morristown, N.J.

Radio notes Barbara J. Fox's article, ``Fanfare,'' Jan. 5, expresses just the response I have always felt from musical associations. When I hear ``Teddy Bear's Picnic'' I recall listening to ``Big Jon and Sparkie.'' Toselli's ``Serenade'' triggers the Goldbergs, and I anticipate hearing ``Vic and Sade'' when I hear the strains of ``Chanson Bohemienne.''

But I believe that ``The March of Time'' theme was actually an original march by Howard Barlow, the musical director of the program. ``The Love of Three Oranges'' was the theme for ``The FBI in Peace and War.'' Thank you for reminding me of this game of identifying old radio themes. James Britain Seattle

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