DISNEY'S ``SLEEPING BEAUTY'' has become a million-seller in the home video market, joining just three others: ``Raiders of the Lost Ark,'' ``Beverly Hills Cop,'' and ``Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.'' THE ``COLORIZED'' HOME VIDEO VERSION OF ``It's a Wonderful Life'' moved briskly at stores last month. Sales of some 60,000-70,000 tapes make it by far the most popular of the black-and-white film classics so far adapted for home viewing by the addition of computer-generated color. GRANT TINKER AND THE GANNETT CO. have teamed up to form a production company. The former chaiman of NBC and of MTM Enterprises will help the media company, which owns USA Today and eight TV stations, start making its own films at the 14-acre Laird International Studios lot in Culver City, Calif., later this year. A name hasn't yet been selected for the new company. TOP FILM BOX OFFICE HITS last week were ``The Golden Child,'' ``Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home'' and ```Crocodile' Dundee'' -- all from Paramount. The overall No. 1 film for 1986 remains ``Top Gun,'' also from Paramount. ``Lady and the Tramp,'' a reissue of the Disney animated classic, was in eighth place, and Steven Spielberg's ``An American Tail'' was in ninth. NBC IS THE NEW PRINCIPAL SPONSOR for the American College Thaater Festival, run by the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington. The network is donating $450,000 over three years to the festival, which gives performers, writers, set designers, and musicians the opportunity to develop theatrical skills. THE CORPORATION FOR PUBLIC BROADCASTING will decide whether to go ahead with a proposed content analysis of public television programming at its Jan. 22 meeting. PBS has already designated its own content-analysis committee.

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