Equality and US ethnic groups

Dr. Hanna Gray wisely advises that American education should include basics for mutual understanding among our many ethnic peoples [``Hanna Gray,'' Part 10 in the series ``Agenda for the 21st century,'' Nov. 25]. But it would be a Utopian imposition to assume that such clarity would soon result in social equality. It took 100 years for an Italian-American to be considered for United States president, 200 years for one to be appointed to the US Supreme Court, and, including Colonial America, 300 years for a Roman Catholic to be elected president. Whether in a social, economic, or political context, equality in the exercise of rights is no assurance of equality in the outcome of that exercise. During transitional and growth periods in the American experience, islands of ethnic camaraderie are comforting and ought not to be discouraged. George Barbary Dallas

Let us think! Three deeply, heartfelt hurrahs for Jerry Cowle's column ``Pause for thought,'' Nov. 25. Ill-timed commercials and interruptions of important interviewees are rude, embarrassing, and insulting. How can such extreme discourtesy be permitted by the popular morning TV news programs? Elizabeth Neily E. Boothbay, Maine

On the contrary ... The article ``Czechs' aims are crystal clear,'' Aug. 20, stated that Czech crystal exports to the West have fallen 30 percent, that questionable quality contributed to the decline, and that Czechs rely on low prices to overcome this problem.

Our company, Ceska Art Glass, is the exclusive representative of Czechoslovak lead crystal in the United States. Sales of Czech crystal in the US have increased significantly, despite the high duty, as the quality of Czech crystal has become more widely known.

Moser, probably the finest and most prestigious crystal in the world, is exhibited in galleries, is world renowned for its fine engraving, its 22 carat gold work on crystal, its exciting gemstone colors, and its panel cuts.

While historically the US market has not been important to the Czech glass industry, this has changed dramatically in the past few years. We are expecting dynamic growth as the exceptional quality of Czech crystal becomes better appreciated in the US. Joel J. Winton Chief Executive Officer Ceska Art Glass Inc. New York

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