FOUR NEW NBC DRAMAS have been given the go-ahead: ``L.A. Law,'' ``Crime Story,'' ``Matlock,'' and ``Our House.'' Three new comedy series -- ``Amen,'' ``ALF,'' and ``Easy Street'' -- and the documentary series ``1986'' haven't yet gotten the green light. TOUGHER TONY eligibility rules will eliminate any work produced on or Off Broadway more than three years ago from consideration next spring as best play or musical. Two plays in the running this year, ``The House of Blue Leaves'' and ``Blood Knot,'' could have been considered only in the best revival category under these rules. THE BEST-SELLING VIDEOS this week, according to Billboard, are ``Sleeping Beauty'' (Disney), ``Jane Fonda's New Workout'' (Karl-Lorimar), ``Jane Fonda's Low Impact Aerobic Workout'' (Karl-Lorimar), ``The Sound of Music'' (CBS-Fox), and ``The Music Man'' (Warner). FRESNO TAKES ITSELF SERIOUSLY. CBS may be having fun with its six-hour parody of ``Dallas'' airing Nov. 16-20, in which Carol Burnett plays the matriarch of a raisin-dynasty family which has struck it rich wildcatting for raisins. According to CBS it is a tale of ``love, hate, and sour grapes among glamorous raisin growers of central California.'' The Fresno Economic Development Corp., however, isn't kidding when it offers viewers a free ``insider's guide'' to the plot as well as to what it describes as ``California's bright spot for business opportunity: Fresno.'' Write to the corporation at 2310 Tulare St., Suite 235, Fresno, CA 93721.

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