Some ideas for HALLOWEEN

Oct. 31 is fast approaching. It's time to get creative. Here's the results of the latest trick-ortreat research. HOW TO CARVE A PUMPKIN 1. CUT OFF THE LID (Neatly) 2. EMPTY CONTENTS (Neatly) 3. CUT EYES, NOSE AND MOUTH 4. INSET CANDLE 5. LIGHT CANDLE ... UH ... WHAT ARE YOU DOING? 6. ... NEVER MIND. For the record. Remember, you're mushrooms! Eddie, you can't be scared of the bogeyman! You ARE the bogeyman! Scary, huh? Ma'am, can my father use your phone? My broom just ran out of gas. RAISINS?! You're gonna embarass me me again? I'm sure it's the opportunity of a lifetime, but the answer's still ``No.'' This is a weird neighborhood. All I got was two Nixon buttons and a Milk-bone. That' trick or treat.

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