UNESCO's search for Mr. Right

The search is on for a new chief at UNESCO. There are as yet no official candidates, but among those mentioned as possibilities are: Enrique Iglesias, the foreign affairs minister of Uruguay. He is the most serious possibility at this point, a Western UNESCO diplomat says.

Ivo Margan, of Yugoslavia. A respected veteran of UNESCO, he is president of its 30-member executive board and has indicated an interest in the job.

Yasushi Akashi, head of the UN's Department of Public Information and the highest ranking Japanese at the UN. The feeling that it is an Asian's turn to head the organization could give him or another Asian the edge.

Tomohiko Kobayashi, also of Japan. He served at the ambassadorial level in the Japanese delegation at the UN and is former head of the UN's Economic and Social Council. He is now in the Japanese Foreign Ministry.

Kalevi Sorsa, the prime minister of Finland. He is reportedly the Soviets' choice.

Sadruddin Aga Khan, former UN high commissioner for refugees. He had a good record there and is well-known worldwide. He also holds a Pakistani passport and so could qualify as Asian. But, observers point out, his name tends to come up whenever there is a high-level opening in the UN system. And, says a friend of his, he ``wouldn't touch [the job] with a nine-foot pole.'' Furthermore, the Soviets vetoed him as a possibility for UN secretary-general in 1981.

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