ACROSS 1``Down with,'' in Dijon

5Blind part


13Little demons


18Venomous snake

20Founder of the Mogul Empire


22Fair shake

24Notable executive office


27Accepted a challenge

29Some office workers


311984 French Open tennis champion

32Thing to lend


36City on the Aare



42Makes a 180-degree course change

46Mispickel, e.g.

47Issued walking papers to

48Buckeye State

49Sounds from the fold

50Wrack's partner

51``___ Master's Voice''

52Worker on walls

56Some have ceilings

57``... more than kin, and ___ kind''

60North Carolina campus

61Locale of La Roche-sur-Yon

62``Over There'' composer

63Bus route locations

64Autumn beverage

65Warp-knit fabric

67Slangy negative

68Plant of the genus Arenaria

71Pays attention

72In the main

74An Arthur

75IRAs, e.g.

76Being, to Cicero


79Alicante aunts

80Sis or bro

81Highway warning sign

85Odds' companion

86Church dignitary

89Old-timers in Bonn

90Leisurely stroll

91``___ Had My Way,'' 1940 Crosby film

92Stop on ___

93Kind of car or silver

95Main or slip follower

98TV component

99Ontario or Manitoba, e.g.

103Campus area

105Hearty repast

107Word on a wall

108``Don't ___ On Me,'' 1775 motto

109City on the Po

110Sicilian city

111Munich's river

112Let up

113Heraldic border

114Dramatist O'Casey


1Polygonal recess in a building

2Housing for single offs.

3In ___, monotonous

4Disturbed by shock of surprise


6UN ambassador, 1953-60

7Busy as ___

8Refrain syllable

9``Le Tombeau de Couperin'' composer

10OT bk.

11Blanc or Brooks

12Sums derived from a sale

13Prefix from Latin meaning ``underneath''

14Former Israeli premier

15Cram full

16Genevieve and Anne, e.g.

19Trees of the birch family

20Kind of line or patrol


25State of agitation

28King of Siam's guest

31Some woven fabrics

33Character in a Menotti opera

34Daniel Decatur Emmett song

35Theater area for the formally attired

36Director De Palma

37Genetic stuff: abbr.

38Circular letters


40Start of an Austen title

42Dressy item in a Berlin song title

43Mounted lancer


45Former Mideast grp.

50Extend a subscription

53Wyoming peak

54Marry in haste

55Pollster Elmo


58Paired apparel

59Abbreviation for Jefferson or Dewey

61Some plastics

63Show derision

64Thoroughfare in Sevilla

65Twyla of dance

66Speedy snake

68Serbs and Croats, e.g.

69``Cloister and the Hearth'' author

70Italian poet

72Juliette Low's org.

73See eye to eye

76Ballpark figure

77``___ Stoops to Conquer,'' comedy by Goldsmith

79Afternoon periods

82Trod like a cat

83152, to Antonius Pius

84Highest degree

87German ballads


90Surface a street

92Roman courts

93Delicate and breakable

94TV actor Greene

951760 yds.2

96Calendar abbr.

97Frog genus

98Iron and Stone, e.g.

99Murmur of contentment

100Hawaiian bird

101Scene of Jesus' first miracle


104An FDR brainchild

106``___ Vadis''

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