The cat statute (soon to be repealed)

From the Greensboro (N.C.) Daily News: Town sets limits on cat ownership Lindsay, Okla. (AP) -- A new animal control ordinance in this south central Oklahoma town makes it illegal to own more than two cats that are over nine months old. The City Fathers in Lindsay, OK, Have successfully legislated -- up till today -- On elections. Collections, both garbage and taxes. On Stop Signs. Speed limits for drivers, both saxes. On heights of the buildings, their size and their tenants. That licenses will be displayed by all dentists. As well as by barbers, beauticians, the taxi. The dogs must wear collars, both mini and maxi. The cats -- ah, the cats -- dear Councilmen sage, You don't own a cat, whatever his age. The third cat to choose you in Lindsay, I see, Will be always a kitten, by household decree. And so will Miss Fluffy, Old Susie, and Mittens. And Lindsay will soon be The City of Kittens.

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