Student-activist programs and protests

This spring, college students have organized a slew of programs and protests, including anti-apartheid demonstrations. Following is a list of these activities, including one still being planned: Feb. 28-March 1: Northeast Lesbian and Gay Students' Alliance, meeting at Brown, attracted more than 400 students from nearly 50 campuses.

March 7: International Student Fast for Peace in Nicaragua, held on 10 US campuses, linked to actions in West Germany, Canada, Greece, Italy, and Mexico.

March 7-9: Student Empowerment Training, held at Berkeley.

March 9 and March 16: National Organization for Women's Campus Campaign included in National March for Women's Lives in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles.

March 14-17: United States Student Association sponsored Student Legislative Conference for 450 students from 160 schools; congressional lobbying on 12 major issues.

March 21-22: North American Congress on Latin America hosted leaders from 24 colleges at a conference in New York City.

March 21-April 6: National Weeks of Anti-Apartheid Action, with actions on more then 100 campuses in 35 states.

April 1: National Student Action Center coordinated events on 52 campuses for a National Day of Campus Actions Against Space Weapons.

April 10: The University in Society Project, initiated by a coalition of seven national student groups, focused on 10 issues, with events on 66 campuses.

April 17: The University Lobby to End the Arms Race, sponsored by United Campuses to Prevent Nuclear War, is expected to attract more than 1,000 students to Washington, D.C. from 35 campuses in 43 states.

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