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US servicemen in speedboats ferried nearly 100 new workers to replace striking Filipinos manning picket lines at the Subic Bay Naval Base, union officials said yesterday. About 22,000 Filipino workers at all US military bases in the Philippines have joined the strike, called Friday to press demands for wage increases and other benefits.

In other news, a Roman Catholic nun said yesterday that communist guerrillas killed 13 civilians and wounded several more in a raid on two villages in the southern Philippines last weekend. She added that about 2,000 people fled to other villages after the incident.

Marcoses in a beach home; Swiss freezing their assets

Deposed Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos and his wife, Imelda, moved into a $1.5 million Honolulu beach home Monday night after spending a month at the heavily guarded Hickam Air Base, officials said. Meanwhile, in Bern, the Swiss government said yesterday that it is freezing all money in its banks belonging to Mr. Marcos, after reported attempts to withdraw money on his behalf.

A special envoy from the new Philippine government of President Corazon Aquino is expected here today to discuss ways for Manila to recover the money.

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