Lots of letters to help choose an IRA

Here are some newsletters and publications that cover IRAs and other investments: 100 Highest Yields. Weekly newsletter follows interest rates and savings trends at federally insured banks and thrifts. $84 for a one-year subscription (no samples). Contact: Circulation Manager, 100 Highest Yields, PO Box 088888, North Palm Beach, Fla. 33408-8888. Phone: 800-327-7717.

Donoghue's Moneyletter. Semimonthly newsletter covers no-load mutual funds, suggesting strategies for aggressive though conservative investors. $87 a year (free sample available). The Donoghue Organization Inc., PO Box 411, Holliston, Mass. 01746. Phone: 800-445-5900; in Massachusetts, 617-429-5930. There is also an annual directory of no-load funds.

The Mutual Fund Letter. Monthly newsletter follows all mutual funds. $75 a year (free sample available). Investment Information Services, 205 West Wacker Drive, Suite 518, Chicago, Ill. 60606. Phone: 312-750-9300.

The No-Load Fund Investor. Monthly newsletter follows mutual fund trends and compares the performance of no-load funds. $63 a year ($79 including annual handbook). The No-Load Fund Investor, Inc., P.O. Box 283, Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y. 10706. Phone: 914-478-2381.

NoLoad Fund*X. A monthly newsletter that tracks no-load funds. $95 a year. 235 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, Calif. 94104. Phone: 415-986-7979.

Retirement Fund Advisory. Monthly newsletter tracks retirement investments. $59 a year. Schabacker Investment Management, 8943 Shady Grove Court, Gaithersburg, Md. 20877. Phone: 301-840-0301.

United Mutual Fund Selector. Semimonthly letter that follows investing trends and compares load and no-load funds. $98 a year (three issues for $5). Contact: Sales Department, United Business Service Company, 210 Newbury Street, Boston, Mass. 02116. Phone: 617-267-8855.

Brennan Reports. Monthly newsletter devoted to tax shelters and tax planning. $184 a year. Valley Forge Office Colony, Suite 200, Box 882, Valley Forge, Pa. 19482. Phone: 215-783-0647.

The Stanger Register. Monthly publication follows limited partnership businesss and assigns rankings. $221 a year. Box 7490, Shrewsbury, N.J. 07701. Phone: 800-631-2291.

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