Quotable quotes

Kansas State basketball coach Jack Hartman, who called it quits after 16 years at the school: ``Coaching is all I've ever done. I've never had a real job.'' Brooklyn-raised Chris Mullin, a rookie with pro basketball's Golden State Warriors, on the difference between the East and West coasts: ``Instead of eating pizza, I find myself eating alfalfa.''

When asked when corruption in college sports would end, Bob Cousy, the ex-great of the Boston Celtics, once replied: ``When people stop cheating on their expense accounts and their tax returns.''

Indiana University basketball coach Bob Knight: ``I've always felt that the greatest motivator of all is the bench. If a kid isn't playing well, he's got to sit down, and another kid's got to have a chance.''

Center Alvan Adams of the Phoenix Suns after a game in which he grabbed only two rebounds: ``My rebounding was alright. I was in double figures, if you count it in Roman Numerals.''

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