Only to one and one

Chuang-tzu, walking with his friend, saw some fish in the water and said: ``How happy they are!'' His friend Huei-tzu answered ``You are not a fish; how do you know they are happy?'' And Chuang-tzu said: ``You are not I. How do you know I do not know that they are happy?'' How can you know the truth of me that swings between imps and angels endlessly with scarcely a moment's pause at either post? How can you know if there are those whose thoughts glow for me like the Chinese fields of paradise -- all jewels and jade? You are not I. How can I know what voices sing for you in celestial harmony? How can I know what dream you ride like an untamed horse too wildly over wood or plain to know for certain which rides which? I am not you. As I, as you, wherever there are two, there are things beneath the sun known only to one and one: You are not I. I am not you. E. B. de Vito


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