See you tomorrow in Morrow

Guernsey Le Pelley's article on Tuba City Feb. 5 left out one of the cutest town names around: Morrow, Ohio. There is, in fact, a train that goes to Morrow. If you took the train to Morrow today, you would arrive in Morrow tomorrow. You could, of course, have left for Morrow yesterday, in which case you would have got to Morrow today. But then, you could leave for Morrow tomorrow -- and so forth and so on. There is a pretty song about the whole thing. You can find out about this by going to Morrow tomorrow. H. Friederici Highland Park, Ill. Education Parents, administrators, and staff of our school district came to grips with this education problem last year [``Public school counselors find themselves caught in cross fire,'' Jan. 29]. This year our high school has an academic counselor and a personal counselor, who communicate with counselors in our middle and elementary schools.

So often we find that the solution to a problem is not so much a matter of time or money, but a matter of priorities. When we take care of students' personal needs we free them to concentrate on their school studies. This also saves taxpayers time and money: It helps students to stay off welfare and out of prisons and rehabilitation centers. Mary L. Hanscom Park City, Utah Animal research

I was extremely pleased to read Keith Henderson's article, ``Reducing animal testing,'' in the Feb. 4 Monitor, regarding new restraints which will be placed on painful and repetitious experiments on animals. Two further points should be stressed, however:

The failures of these cruel and inefficient tests to protect public health was illustrated by the tragic ``thalidomide babies.''

I have no doubt that these tests are the result not so much of a thirst for knowledge as a thirst for the hundreds of millions of tax dollars which fund these ``research'' grants. Edith S. Wicksell Seattle

Arms race

The main problem of reducing the arms race by the US is that the administration cannot see any ways whereby the productive capacity and employment now engaged in manufacturing arms could be used for consumer goods production. Our balance of trade is highly unfavorable; the domestic market is saturated with goods, and credits have been stretched to the limits. The only hope to maintain employment levels is to produce for the defense sector, year after year, and never mind the deficit. Treffen Deutch Redwood City, Calif.

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