Body language

Gretchen learns to write her name with her body and crayon as bright as her smile. She wrestles ``G'' into a corner, an elbow pins it there until iron beam ``R'' is placed with commanding stroke. Drooping shoulders snap to soldier's posture. ``E'' slides in like stocking feet on waxed tile. Exacting eyes scan margins while pudgy fingers wait to nail down ``T.'' Tongue circles lips in pantomime of ``C,'' grabs cookie crumbs from milk moustache. ``H'' stretches neck up, pulls chin down, repeats the hump in slightly smaller scale, followed by another easy ``E'' which is printed backwards with confidence while a tennis shoe swings back and forth. Concentration hooks ankles around legs of dining room chair, furrows kindergarten brow. White-knuckled fist forges an inverted ``N.'' Owning her name, she jumps to proclaim GRETCHEN!

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