Travel tips. Halley's comet-watch in Key West . . . North Pole expedition . . . tours for football bowl games with lots of extras

Eastern Airlines seniors' pass Eastern Airlines' Get Up & Go Passport, a one-price ticket good for one year's travel wherever Eastern flies in the United States, is now available to those 62 and over (the previous age minimum was 65). Those who buy their tickets before year's end 1985 will pay $1,199; those who buy after after Jan. 1, $1,299.

Ticket holders most confine their flights to Monday through Thursday only and use their tickets no more frequently than once a week. Also there are short blackout periods that include Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year's.

Passport holders can pay an additional $200 supplement for inclusion of the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Bermuda, and Mexico in their package. And they can buy discounted packages to South America, Latin America, and Great Britain.

A pass may be purchased for a traveling companion regardless of age. Halley's comet at Key West

Yachtsmen may be interested in a month-long comet-watch in Key West, Fla., from March 13 to April 13, 1986. (Key West is one of the best US locations for viewing the comet.) Golf and fishing tournaments, a wind-surfing regatta, and masked balls and dances are among the events planned. You cruise down in your own yacht, or hotels will provide water taxi service to dark, protected waters for comet-viewing.

For information, send a self-addressed double-stamped envelope to Halley's Comet Yacht Flotilla, 1010 Truman Avenue, Key West, Fla. 33040. Bound for the North Pole

If you think you've been everywhere, there may be one place you've missed: the North Pole.

Fourteen travelers can participate in a nine-day expedition that includes stops at the geographical and magnetic poles and the high Arctic villages of Grise Fiord and Pond Inlet. No special physical conditioning is required, but participants need to be self-reliant. Dog sled rides up a glacier and the chance to sleep in an igloo wrapped in caribou fur are among the unusual experiences of this trip, which leaves from Boston on April 3 and costs $7,995.

Contact the appropriately named Travel Anywhere, PO Box 300, Bedford, N.H. 03102 or call (603) 645-6400. Tour packages for bowl games

Sportours is packaging three itineraries for the Rose Bowl, and one each for the Super Bowl, Orange Bowl, and Fiesta Bowl. All tours include hotel, tickets, transfers to the game, an escort, and some extras. Air fare is not included in any package. Game seats are in the end zone, but upgrades may be available.

Two of the Rose Bowl tours include more than the parade and the game. On one, you get a six-day tour that takes in San Francisco, the Napa Valley country, and Monterey for $689 (double occupancy). For $559, you get a five-day trip, which includes Disneyland and Universal Studios. The three-day, standard tour is $399.

Most expensive are the Super Bowl packages, from $899 to $1,169 for three or four days in New Orleans with a Mississippi River cruise and pregame brunch.

The three-day Orange Bowl package for double occupancy includes grandstand seats for the parade at $319; a similar Fiesta Bowl package is $199.

Call 1-800-421-7337 or in California, 1-800-421-7338. Winter in the Canadian outdoors

Canadian Wilderness Trips offers ``outdoor trips for the budget-minded traveler.'' According to its brochure, you stay in ``a beautiful log-built chalet, [with] a wood-fired sauna, and a sleeping cabin heated by the brave efforts of your guide, who will get up in the middle of the night to stoke the wood-stove.''

Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice-fishing, and preparing and eating gourmet meals are among the activities; instruction in skiing is available.

Some trips have special features. One overnight ski trip includes a dogsled for equipment, and a March outing features making and eating maple syrup. Prices for three to four day trips start at $150 from Toronto.

You can book this trip through your travel agent. London theatre and hotel tours

Virgin Atlantic Airways is offering a budget London hotel and theater package, available now through March 31. Seven nights' accommodation at one of 12 hotels (ranging from budget to deluxe) includes two theatre tickets and transfers from airport. Prices start at $99, double occupancy. Air fare on Virgin Atlantic is an additional $202 one way. Telephone (201) 623-0500 in New Jersey or (212) 242-1330 in New York. 1986 Eurail rates announced

Eurail has announced that European railroads are holding their prices for the fourth year. First-class Eurail passes range from 15 days for $260, to 21 days at $330, to three months at $680. The second-class Eurail Youthpass (under 26) is $290 for one month and $380 for two months.

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