1 Shall I die? Shall I fly Lovers' baits and deceits, sorrow breeding? Shall I tend? Shall I send? Shall I sue, and not rue my proceeding? In all duty her beauty Binds me her servant for ever. If she scorn, I mourn, I retire to despair, joying never. 2 Yet I must vent my lust And explain inward pain by my love breeding. If she smiles, she exiles All my moan; if she frown, all my hopes deceiving -- Suspicious doubt, O keep out, For thou art my tormentor. Fly away, pack away; I will love, for hope bids me venter.


4 In a dream it did seem -- But alas, dreams do pass as do shadows -- I did walk, I did talk With my love, with my dove, through fair meadows. Still we passed till at last We sat to repose us for our pleasure. Being set, lips met, Arms twined, and did bind my heart's treasure.


9 Whilst I dreamt, I, exempt From all care, seems to share pleasures in plenty; But awake, care take -- For I find to my mind pleasures scanty. Therefore I will try To compass my heart's chief contenting. To delay, some say, In such a case causeth repenting. -Note: Bracketed words indicate alterations to correct what appear to be errors by the copyist; ``sue'' in Line 5 is the most recent rendering of the text.-

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