Letters to the Editor. The summit and Halley's comet

When President Reagan and Secretary Gorbachev meet for their summit conference in Geneva, why not begin this conference by simultaneously viewing Halley's comet at a Swiss observatory? This would be a symbol to the world of the beginning of a very positive summit conference if the two leaders can begin their meetings with something in ``common to us all.'' Perhaps as their meetings continue and they get to the more meaningful points of peace, economics, weapons, etc., a more positive agreement might be forthcoming.

My son has questioned me a number of times as to whether or not there will be a future. I find this very disconcerting, since, as a boy, I never had such considerations. I only hope I can do something that will assist in making a future for him and his children. Burton S. Rubin, President Halley Optical Corporation New York

I greatly appreciated your fine article on Libby Riddles (Sept. 23). As there are not many women participating in dog sled racing, Riddles seems particularly deserving of her title as Sportswoman of the Year. Riddles's sheer endurance of the elements she faces when she races -- braving a blizzard when she might have stayed behind -- is enough to win my vote. Perhaps if more women receive this kind of news exposure, they will be encouraged not only to match the performance of men, but surpass it, as Riddles has. S. Kent Beattie Elsah, Ill.

You are so right, David Holmstrom -- Peanuts is indeed ``more than a comic strip'' [``You're a funny man, Charles Schulz!,'' Oct. 2]. It's a form of communication, like music, that dissolves language and cultural barriers. In the '60s, I had a Japanese house guest. He spoke little English and I spoke even less Japanese. After his arrival I put a tour of our home as No. 1 on the list.

Spotting a figurine of Snoopy on my desk was the icebreaker -- ``Ahhhhhh yes -- Snoopy and Peanuts big favorites in my country. Nice you have.'' From then on communication flowed. Carolyn Hiel Citrus Heights, Calif.

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