Stay tuned for more Bob & Ray humor

The New! Improved! Bob & Ray Book, by Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons. 221 pp. $14.95. If, like Garrison Keillor in his introduction to the Bob & Ray book, you are a Bob & Ray fan, you'll enjoy Mr. Keillor's affecting, sentimental probing into his own fan status.

This radio team has kept audiences tuned in for 39 years, a record that would be remarkable if they weren't so remarkably funny. Their routines -- inventive, witty, relentless -- build up steam to a final explosion of laughter. Here, in easy-to-read type, you can catch up on Shaky Dopflyer, Wally Ballou, the Right Honorable Hummerback, Lawyer Pardew, and Jasper Witherspoon.

Or, better still, check out Clinker University, and discover just exactly what is going on in Torpid, W.Va.

Also, please remember the Friendly National Chemical Loan & Trust Company. It has moved its Wall Street branch to Delancey Street and now wants to be known as the Canal Street branch. Oh, well.

Bob & Ray scripts are the next best thing to Bob & Ray -- turn the pages as you stay tuned.

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