Letters to the Editor. Vancouver Expo '86

In reference to the article on Sept. 26 by Ian Mulgrew titled ``Vancouver's Expo '86 may fall on on its face -- as its mascot did:'' Vancouver is a beautiful city to visit, and Vancouver Expo '86 has worked hard and long to make this project a success.

It deserves better than what this article presents. Vera Blackstock Vancouver, British Columbia

There has been a tremendous amount of conscientious thought and very hard work put into this World's Fair, and we in British Columbia are certainly looking forward to its being a great success.

We did read in our local papers of the unfortunate ``breakdown of Expo '86's mascot,'' but should this mechanical failure be looked upon as symbolic of the outcome of the fair?

Many thousands of Canadians, and particularly British Columbians, supported the Seattle World's Fair in 1962 by visiting once or many times. We are hoping for many visitors from the United States, as well as from all parts of the world, to our fair.

But articles such as Mr. Mulgrew's certainly won't attract them.

I believe there are more countries participating in this fair than in any previous, or, certainly, recent, world fair. Ariel E. Logan Nanoose Bay, British Columbia

Having visited Expo '67 in Montreal in 1967 and been enchanted by it, I have been looking forward with great expectations to Expo '86 in Vancouver.

One of my sons had a preview tour of the site a short time ago and was full of enthusiasm.

It was with great disappointment and shock that I read the extremely negative writeup by Ian Mulgrew on Vancouver Expo '86 in your paper of Sept. 26.

Throughout he had nothing good to say. With a new fair hoping to bring something great to the country, surely such out and out negativism serves no useful purpose. Most fairs have their ups and downs during the construction period, but to write off the fair seems grossly unfair. Dorothy P. Coulter Winnipeg, Manitoba

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