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Dr. Anna C. Roosevelt Teddy Roosevelt's great-granddaughter characterizes the new explorer: equal parts researcher and adventurer. Curator of the Museum of the American Indian in New York, and one of the first women admitted to the Explorers Club after the ban on female members was lifted in 1981, Dr. Roosevelt now supervises the club's grant-giving educational programs. Sir Edmund Hillary Since his famous climb in 1953, the new honorary president of the Explorers Club has been known as the conqueror of Mt. Everest. Actually there's a remote possibility that a pair of climbers who perished on the mountain in 1924 may have reached the summit. Club member David Swanson plans to join an expedition in the the fall of 1986 that will attempt to recover the cameras of the climbers and could possibly prove who was first to scale the world's highest peak. Charles Lindbergh After his dramatic nonstop solo flight across the Atlantic in May 1927, Lindbergh rocketed to world fame, and became one of the best-known of aviation pioneers. Thor Heyerdahl It was in April 1947 that Thor Heyerdahl and five others set out from Peru on a balsa-wood raft named Kon-Tiki. Their destination: the islands of the South Pacific. Heyerdahl's book chronicling the Kon-Tiki expedition has become one of the great true-adventure stories of all time. Paul Rodzianko Currently studying geothermal activity in the New Zealand highlands, Rodzianko is one of several explorers elected each year to carry the Explorers Club flag. This token of endorsement bears a strict stipulation that it not be commercialized or used to raise funds of any kind. The flag has flown at both poles and from the peaks of the great mountain ranges; it has traveled to the ocean floor and been aboard three lunar modules. 30{et

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