Extinct species* tongue twisters

Year of extinction ``Hark!'' the Yarkland Deer remarked, 1930 as he sallied forth with the Bali Tiger. 1975 ``The Atlantic Gray Whale's frantic 1864 to think that the Sea Mink sinks 1890 because sassed by a Passenger Pigeon, 1914 a raving Arabian Ostrich, 1941 a sizzling California Grizzly, 1933 a saddened Badlands Bighorn Sheep.'' 1910 The spunky Caribbean Monk Seal 1962 slapped the happy Japanese Sea Lion 1960 for burying Merriam's Elk 1906 and perishing with the Persian Lion. 1923 But the Four Colored Flowerpecker's lore 1906 piqued the Tahiti Parakeet, 1844 walloped the Centralian Hare-Wallaby, 1943 skeered the Queen Charlotte Reindeer, 1935 lurched at Southern Burchell's Zebra, 1909 put a price on the Eastern Bison, 1825 and jinxed the Sardinian Lynx. 1950 *These are just a few of the extinct species, as reported a few years ago by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources.

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