Seniors send aid to US

While flying from the West to the East Coast I had time to contemplate the disturbing newscasts regarding the national deficit, the insecure financial position of the social security system, and runaway medicare costs. Such news has served to compound insecurities, leading many to develop a ``what's the use'' attitude. I remember the unpleasant aspects of the depression, when very few assistance programs were in place. These hardships prematurely aged a large segment of our society. But we learned to cope and gained confidence in our system.

My husband and I are concerned about the well-being of our homeland and our progeny who inhabit this great land. We hope they can continue to enjoy the privileges that have made our lives so productive and fulfilling. Many more of our senior citizenry are grateful for the bonus of being Americans. For sure, we have enjoyed the most birthdays and so, if not the most, many benefits.

It occurred to me that if all seniors could express gratitude in the form of a birthday gift to our nation on July 4, which would be a pure gift, not tax deductible, we could slow down the deficit. The effect of such a gift would be to restore the confidence of our young people in our political system and show the world that we are proud of our nation and willing to support it personally.

I inquired of the Treasury Department about giving such a voluntary donation and learned that a special fund already exists. About $1.5 million was donated last year. Seniors, numbering about 18.5 million, could top that money many times. Let's show them we are truly appreciative as well as sturdy stock.

The best way to make your donation would be to send a check, payable either to the United States Treasury or the Bureau of Public Debt, to:

Bureau of Public Debt

Department G

300 13th Street, SW

Washington, D.C. 20239

Through seniors assisting, we could regain the respect we are due by proving we are a constructive force, not a liability but a tremendous asset to our society. Join the team, give what you can, and be proud.

Happy birthday, Uncle Sam. Mrs. Oscar A. Zabel Sequim, Wash.

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