Our Founding Fathers

After thirteen years, the American Revolution seemed about to fail. Victory had been sweet, but it was not the final firm solution. So delegates from the states were chosen to meet in Philadelphia -- they wrote the Constitution. (It was agreed: The Articles of Confederation and Congress alone could not create a nation.) Our Founding Fathers, in intense debates, argued powers then reserved to states vs. the weakness of the union and, at length, gave the federal government needed strength. (Up to that time, it could not execute the powers granted to it: could not collect taxes to pay loans, settle a dispute over boundary lines between the states, recruit an effective army and navy to protect against foreign foes or internal fights!) The Constitution, now, with its Bill of Rights and its amendments stands secure, unites the people and the states. We must recognize that the document was flawed. There was compromise -- Slavery was legal. Women could not vote. Equity (as ever!) remained remote. The Founding Fathers had to hope, to trust us to keep on trying to establish justice. Their accomplishment was limited. We know! But they gained time for us to learn, to grow!

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