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The population of Cyprus stands at 653,400 and not at 750,000 [``Turkish-Cypriot leader's victory bolsters policy of preserving separate state,'' June 11]. And the percentage share of the Turkish Cypriots is 18 and not 20, as reported. Greek Cypriots make up 80 percent, while the balance is made up of Armenians, Maronites, and Latins. Why are precise numbers important?

Since the 1974 Turkish invasion and partial occupation of almost 40 percent of Cyprus by 35,000 Turkish troops, Turkey has been settling thousands of mainland Turks in the villages, houses, workshops, and fields of the Greek Cypriots who were forced out by invasion forces. According to Turkish papers, these Turkish colonizers number 45,000 to 50,000. Over 20,000 of them have been given ``voting rights.''

The vote of this alien element provides Mr. Denktash with his artificial majorities in Turkish-occupied Cyprus. Dr. Marios L. Evriviades Press Counselor Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus Washington

``Marcos's talk of American troops'' [June 6] states ``. . . the joint mutual defense agreement could be used to justify calling upon US forces to help put down an internal dispute.'' Considering the background and the nature of the struggle, and the number of people eliminated by both the government forces and the rebels, I find the term ``dispute'' singularly inappropriate. Nevertheless, to use US forces to shore up a discredited regime would be nothing but disaster. Tara Wolf Forest Ranch, Calif.

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