Supreme Court refuses to consider Abscam appeal

The US Supreme Court today let stand the Abscam conviction of former Rep. John Jenrette (D) from South Carolina. He is now serving a two-year prison sentence which began April 5. The court, without comment, refused to hear arguments that Mr. Jenrette was the ``perfect mark'' for big-money enticements in the Federal Bureau of Investigation's undercover operation. At the time of Abscam, Jenrette had problems with alcoholism and heavy debts. In his appeal, he urged the Supreme Court to use his case to set limits on FBI undercover operations.

Jenrette is one of seven members of Congress, all now out of office, convicted in Abscam. The operation featured FBI agents posing as aides to Arab sheikhs offering bribes for help with immigration problems. The court has rejected all entreaties from those convicted.

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