Curtail immigration

I disagree with the editorial on immigration [``Immigration: legal yes, illegal no''], April 16. The world is overpopulated, including the United States, and all immigration must be drastically curtailed. Times have changed. We have too many unemployed citizens already. I suggest we reduce legal immigration to ``immediate families'' only, institute employer sanctions to stop illegal immigration, and enlarge the guest-worker program for agriculture only. Aliens compete with US workers in all areas except agriculture.

We must also urge all nations to cooperate in the resettlement of refugees where the situation is utterly desperate. Environmental damage and its social and economic consequences are accelerating, and the refugee problem is overwhelming. The United States couldn't even begin to relieve this problem even if its citizens were willing.

The most critical issue in the world is to help the developing world improve its own lands and check its population growth, and our own as well. John Himmelwright Belvedere, Calif.

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