THE LIVE OAK SOCIETY of the Louisiana Garden Club Federation Inc. Constitution

Preamble Whereas the Live Oak is one of God's Creatures that has been keeping quiet for a long time, just standing there contemplating the situation without having very much to say, but only increasing in size, beauty, strength, and firmness, day by day, without getting the attention and appreciation that it merits from its anthropomorphic fellow-mortals; and

Whereas it has been found that organization and publication are a good means of promoting influence and service in the world; therefore

This Constitution for an universal association of Live Oaks is hereby ordained and established. ARTICLE I Name

The name of this association shall be the Live Oak Society. ARTICLE II Domicile

Its domicile shall be Lecompte, Louisiana; the Archives of the Louisiana Garden Club Federation. ARTICLE III Sponsors

The Louisiana Garden Club Federation Inc. will be the sole sponsors of the Live Oak Society. ARTICLE IV Object

The purpose of the Live Oak Society shall be to promote the culture, distribution, and appreciation of the Live Oak. ARTICLE V Membership

The membership of the Society shall consist of designated individual live oak trees, known or suspected to be more than one hundred years old. Live oaks less than one hundred years old, possessing honorable qualifications, will be eligible to be enlisted in the Junior League. Article VI Officers

Officers of the Society shall be 1. President, 2. some vice-presidents, 3. a committee of Elders, and 4. a group of illustrious individual specimens. Article VII Representation

For the conduct of the Society's Human-Relations Business, a representative (either the owner or some other interested person)

shall be designated as attorney for each member. Article VIII Meetings

Meetings shall be held somewhere, semi-occasionally. Article IX Dues

There will be no dues, but each member requests the owners

to keep them in good shape and care for them. Article X Amendments

This Constitution can be amended at any semi-occasional meeting.

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