Oh those catalogs!

Rushworth M. Kidder has hit the nail on the head with his timely article, ``Someone out there has your name and wants to sell it'' [March 26]. Not only does my heart go out to the mail-carrier -- I also feel for those who have ``tall, narrow mailboxes which hardly hold four letters and a paper''!

My experience with direct mail has been highlighted by an unhappy incident, involving the original ``culprit'' -- a reputable ski underwear manufacturer who started the ball rolling by spelling my name incorrectly; others followed suit, like the Pied Piper of Hamlin! I have requested, implored, and pleaded repeatedly, but I have not met with any cooperation! Could it be that the computer is at fault -- again? All I can say is, ``Will the real Rita Raymong please step forward? Rita Raymond Seattle

In ``Writing on the screen'' [March 29], Guernsey Le Pelley's sarcasm (``TV news pictures showed thousands of writers milling around, holding up printed signs, evidently to prove they could write.'') was misdirected and ill-appreciated by those of us who labor to write good scripts only to see them butchered by the powers that be in the studios/networks. There is a lot of garbage on TV and movie screens. But to blame it all on screenwriters is simplistic. Le Pelley criticizes our having a union. If it wasn't for the Writers Guild of America, those people who butcher our scripts would also hack away at our rights. Wm. W. Blanks Los Angeles

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