Money and baseball make the world go 'round

In the March 21 story [``Closures rock big, small investors''] the statement was made that ``the people of Ohio . . . are learning a harsh lesson about the difference between private and federal deposit insurance.'' While this is technically correct, it is not the primary principle the people of Ohio are learning. What they are learning is the difference between institutions which are federally insured and those which are state insured. Until this trouble developed, Ohio depositors were left to understand that financial institutions were either federally insured or state insured. The implication was that these institutions were backed by the State of Ohio, and were as safe as the state itself. I, and I feel sure most other depositors, were never informed that the state S&Ls were only insured by a private organization.

Not many have the time, resources, and interest to become well versed in law, finance, politics, and all other facets of our society. We have to depend on others. In this case we were inadequately or erroneously informed. Francis J. Jankowski, Professor Emeritus Wright State University Kettering, Ohio

As one of this country's union workers I am offended by the tone of the March 13 article on the emergent ``new America'' [``Rising education, confidence, income herald `new America' -- and new politics'']. Although I am obviously not as ``self-reliant'' as the dynamic Yuppie nor as ``confident'' as the buoyant young Reaganites, I offer another perspective on this same data: That is, for many families, having two incomes is not an option but a necessity. Today it takes both a husband and wife to maintain the real standard of living that a one-income family could formerly achieve. S. G. Larson Seattle

The Monitor asked editorially ``Are you ready for baseball?'' Surely you jest. I'm always ready for baseball, though I'd rather play it. I was ready for baseball when that cool customer Red Faber first threw the ball to Ray Schalk, perhaps the greatest catcher of all time, in the World Series against the New York Giants. I've been ready for baseball since I played sandlot baseball in Madison, Wis. What a question! Robb Ricketts Augusta, Ga. Letters are welcome. Only a selection can be published and none individually acknowledged. All are subject to condensation. Please address letters to ``readers write.''

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