Remembering the Huguenots.

Commenting on the magnitude of Huguenot immigration in the late 17th and early 18th centuries, Robin Gwynn notes that ``three-quarters of the Protestants stayed in France, about 700,000 of them. All they had to do was sign a bit of paper accepting Roman Catholicism and then they could go on doing what they wanted to do in their own homes. . . . But between 200,000 and 250,000 left.'' The Netherlands received the largest influx; England was second. But the diaspora landed in a variety of places, many of which are marking the Huguenot Tercentennary with celebrations of their own. Here's a sampling: West Germany:

Kassel, West Germany, events from April 12-14 include talks, discussions, a museum exhibition, and visits to local Huguenot villages. A service in the Huguenot Church, Kassel, will be conducted on the Sunday, April 14, and broadcast in West Germany. (For information, call Herr Desel: telephone 05671-4750.)

Sept. 19-21 a conference will be held in Berlin: ``The Refuge in Germany'' (Historische Kommission zu Berlin). The Netherlands:

Leyden, April 1-3, a colloquium on the Huguenot presence in the United Provinces is being held at the local university -- lectures, discussions, a tour to the Walloon Church in Delft, and to The Hague. (For information, call Ms. Muller: telephone Leyden 148333, Ext. 2572.)

In June, there will be an exhibition in Amsterdam at De Nieuwe Kerk (Stichting Nieuwe Kerk).

Nov. 16-17, Delft will host a conference, service, and concert at De Oude Kerk sponsored by the Commission de l'Histoire des Eglises et de la Bibliotheque Wallones. Ireland:

Dublin, April 9-12, there will be a colloquium at Trinity and University Colleges, University of Dublin. The US:

New York, April 13 commemorative events in New York: Huguenot Silver exhibition, Museum of the City of New York; service and meeting, St. Mark's Church, the Bowery.

On April 14-20, Charleston, S.C., will host a service and the John Calvin lectures at the French Protestant Church; also, a lecture by Prof. Nancy Roelker sponsored by the Huguenot Society of South Carolina. Canada:

Toronto, April 27 is the date for a historical conference (Trinity College, University of Toronto). Switzerland:

Lausanne, June 6 will mark the opening of a national exhibition, ``The Huguenot refuge in Switzerland, 1685-1985'' in Lausanne (Musee historique de l'Ancien-Eveche); there will also be an organ concert at Lausanne Cathedral. And finally, France itself:

Montpellier, from Sept. 17-20 Montpellier will host a municipal exhibition on the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, ``La griffe du Lion,'' and a theatrical representation of the Camisard Wars.

Oct. 7-17 will see the 7th International Reunion of Huguenot Descendants in Paris, Versailles, Chartres, Tours, and Saumur. There will be tours, receptions, ceremony at UNESCO, service at Oratoire du Louvre, and meetings, all under the auspices of the Comite Protestant des Anities Francaises a l'Etranger. -- 30 --{et

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