Salvadorean refugees

Thank you for the article ``Let's provide Salvadorean refugees a temporary haven,'' by Joe Moakley (Feb. 12). With the situation in Central America at crisis level, the United States, as a nation, must respond to the human rights needs of the innocent people residing in that nation. I support Congressman Moakley's efforts to fight for legislation that would temporarily suspend the deportation of Salvadoreans, and hope that other legislators will immediately pass legislation to give these people a temporary haven. Vicki W. Notier La Grange, Ill.

I have long admired and learned from Robert Cowen's articles on science and society. His column about the Worldwatch Institute's second ``State of the World'' study, however, lacks his usual balance and perspective [``Worldwatch's gloomy message is far from the whole story,'' Feb. 21]. The Worldwatch book has more insight and is more constructive than he makes it out to be. It is not ``a cry of despair,'' nor is it ``hand-wringing.'' It offers policy and prescriptions which are hard to find from other bodies. The author says that the ``public deserves a better treatment of such an important topic.'' He could have said that we deserve better leadership from our government, which has not presented us with analysis or thoughtful policy toward the future of the world's environment and resources.

An example of the administration's approach is a reduction in American support for population activities and the UN Environment Program.

The authors of the Worldwatch study may have a political philosophy, but that's more than can be said for the Reagan administration and for many leaders. The Worldwatch philosophy includes the views of Donella Meadows, as quoted in the article: ``. . . far too many trends to be complacent and far too many positive trends to be hopeless. We mainly see a lot of work to do.'' This incidentally is also the philosophy of such groups as the World Resources Institute and the US Association for the Club of Rome. John E. Fobes Webster, N.C.

In the article ``Probing the universe'' (March 7), it says ``. . . that a proton will deteriorate after 1032 years -- that's 10 with 32 zeros after it.'' This should read ``that's 1 with 32 zeros after it.'' Ralph E. Wolfe Brookline, Mass. Letters are welcome. Only a selection can be published and none individually acknowledged. All are subject to condensation. Please address letters to ``readers write.''

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