Dismantling apartheid

South Africa is now being forced to develop its non-gold economy to create future wealth. To do that it must utilize the skills of all South Africans -- and that means breaking down the artificial barriers to movement, residence, education and political advancement of the Black majority. The Nationalist Government led by President P. W. Botha appears to be groping towards a similar conclusion.

Having given political rights to Coloreds and Indians under the new constitution it is offering to negotiate some form of political representation to more than 10 million urban Blacks through a non-statutory forum.

It has also signaled a willingness to negotiate with the outlawed African National Congress provided it renounces its armed struggle.

These are moves in the right direction though, as ever in South Africa, their rhetoric must be discounted and their substance awaited.

They are best furthered by persistent demonstration that the absurdities of apartheid are increasingly unworkable and unaffordable and that equal co-existence of Blacks and Whites in modern industries works and is vital to South Africa's future.

If apartheid is ever to be dismantled through evolution rather than revolution, enlightened foreign investors must continue with their important contribution to reform.

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