US House moves to approve an extra $701 million in African aid

Famine-ravaged African countries would receive an extra $701 million worth of food aid and other assistance under a bipartisan compromise pending in the House, says Rep. Ted Weiss (D) of New York. The House Foreign Affairs Committee approved part of the legislation Tuesday, an authorization of $175 million in nonfood aid.

M. Peter McPherson, administrator of the Agency for International Development, told the House Appropriations Committee's subcommittee on agriculture that the administration is asking for a supplemental appropriation totaling $235 million.

Asked if he thought the administration would spend the higher amount in the compromise legislation, Weiss said, ``when they get the money, they will find we have been very, very realistic and modest in our assessment . . . and they will probably spend it.'' Secretary of State George Shultz told the committee an estimated 14 million Africans face starvation and urgently need more aid.

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