Cooking demonstration

Madeleine Kamman, the author, cooking teacher, and restaurateur, who returned recently from France to open her cooking school and restaurant in Glen, N.H., will be in Boston next week to give a demonstration of cooking techniques at the Boston cooking school, ``Cooking at the French Library.'' Creator of the Modern Gourmet restaurant and cooking school in Newton Center, Mass., Ms. Kamman moved the school and its training center for chefs to her French homeland in 1979. She returned to the United States last year, and on Jan. 5 she opened the school and restaurant in its new location.

Deirdre Davis and Linda Marino, sponsors of the demonstration, opened ``Cooking at the French Library'' three years ago. Both have studied and trained extensively with Ms. Kamman here and in France.

At the demonstration, Ms. Kamman will prepare lobster salad with wild rice and fresh cornichons, grilled noisette of lamb, and Basque cake with two chocolates.

The demonstration will be held Wednesday, Feb. 27, 11 a.m., at the French Library, 53 Marlborough Street, Boston, Mass. 02116. Tickets are $60. For registration information, call (617) 449-6222.

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