Simple Italian dish makes an elegant dinner for two

Dinner for two in your own home or apartment can be simple, elegant, and even memorable. Or dinner for one, for that matter. When you're having dinner for one or two at the most, concentrate on the entree, then add a salad, one or two vegetables, and dessert.

Try to keep things simple. And don't be intimidated by entrees with a foreign name -- like this one.

It's an Italian dish of saut'eed veal and ham called saltimbocca. That sentence is practically the recipe in itself, except for a few simple steps. Saltimbocca 4 very thin slices of ham, preferably prosciutto 4 thin slices veal Two pinches of sage Salt and pepper to taste One tablespoon each of butter and olive oil for saut'eing A wedge of lemon

Lightly salt and pepper top of each veal slice and place ham on each one. They should be trimmed so they are of equal size.

Lightly pound them together with bottle or wooden mallet. Roll each piece up and fasten closed with a toothpick.

Heat butter and olive oil in heavy skillet and saut'e on each side until lightly browned.

Remove to heated platter. Squeeze a little lemon juice into pan juices and whiz around with a fork.

Pour pan juices over meat, remove toothpicks, and serve.

Green beans or thin slices of steamed zucchini would go well with this dish, along with a simple pasta dish.

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