Three Mile Island settlements total $3.3 million

Settlements worth $3.3 million have been approved in 19 cases brought by people claiming injuries from the 1979 accident at Three Mile Island. The out-of-court settlements were signed Feb. 6 by Dauphin County Court Judge William W. Lipsitt.

Insurance companies representing the plant have already settled about 250 other settlement claims. The nation's worst commercial nuclear accident occurred in March 1979 at TMI's Unit 2 reactor south of Harrisburg on the Susquehanna River.

Wednesday's settlements included $1,095,000 for 5-year-old Bradley R. Baker of suburban Harrisburg, whose parents were among 62 plaintiffs in a 1981 suit that sought damages for injuries allegedly linked to the accident.

``These settlements represent an economic decision arrived at by the insurance companies and do not constitute an admission of liability by any of the companies involved, including General Public Utilities Corporation and Metropolitan Edison Company,'' the insurance firms said in a statement read by a spokesman.

GPU owns the nuclear plant, and its subsidiary, Metropolitan Edison, operated the facility at the time of the accident.

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